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Tournament rules can be wrapped up in a few senteces. Play fair, create your bots to be good and do not rip of the hardware, OS, used language or the Pogamut platform. If you are unsure about anything, don't hesitate to contact us.

Following text is here just to clear out possible ambiguities. You will find anything neither striking nor out of reason nor common sense here.

PART 1 - Goals and the spirit of the tournament

PART II - Software and technicalities

  • The tournament happens in the virtual environment of Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004) and its death match mode of GameBots2004.
  • Organizers will prepare a dedicated server, to which the bots will be connected (again by organizers).
  • Communication between the server and bots is carried out using GameBots2004 protocol only as it is present in the Pogamut platform version 3.7.0.
  • Bots are going to be executed on machines running Microsoft Windows 7 SP 1 using Java 1.8.
  • Each bot will have 1GB RAM.
  • Theoretically, you can use any language to program your bot, but the simplest way to code the bot is to use Java and the Pogamut platform.


  • Bots are fully autonomous and they do not communicate with anyone/anything else than UT2004 dedicated server running GameBots2004 on a prespecified port.
  • Contestants must submit bot sources to organizers. The source code won't be made public unless contestnat agree to.
  • Bots must not overload the CPU or the server: 
    • Do not create more than 8 auto-raycasts at UT2004 side
    • Limit yourself to 20 raycast against Level Geometry (unless you implement more efficient algorithm than the one present in Pogamut platform)
    • Do not overload TCP/IP communication
    • Do not overload CPU by creating too many threads
  • It is forbidden to use GameBots2004 "cheating commands", which alters configuration of the bot with the exception of bot's name and skin. In particular, it is forbidden to use following commands: AddBot, AddInventory, ChangeAttribute, ChangeMap, ChangeTeam, Configuration (with the exception of name, skin and skill level set to 6), Console, Disconnect, FactoryUse, GameConfiguration, Kick, Pause, Quit, Respawn, SetGameSpeed, SetLock, SpawnActor.
  • Skill level for bots are going to be fixed to 6 (Inhuman... a level below Godlike).
  • Organizers have a right to examine the source code and ban it from the tournament if they find it to be against rules above. If such violation is discovered during the tournament, the bot will be immediately disqualified from the tournament.

PART IV - Duels

  • Duels are going to be 1v1 deathmatch only.
  • Tournament are going to be played using double eliminationscheme.
  • If the number of bots is high, preliminary duels are going to be organized (using several tables) to determine who will advance to the final event.
  • A bot wins the duel if it wins 2 out of 3 rounds.
  • Respective rounds are going to happen on following maps (always in this particular order):
  1. DM-1on1-Lea_ESWC2k5
  2. DM-1on1-Backspace
  3. DM-1on1-Roughinery-FPS
  • Round is played until one of the bot reaches 10 frags or 10 minutes passes out.
  • Winner is decided according to this rules:
    • Bot having the most frags wins ... if both bots have the same number of frags, then...
    • Bot having the least death count wins ... if both bots have the same number of deaths, then...
    • The round result is DRAW
  • If the duel results in DRAW, another extra match will be conducted, that will be played "on first frag" (sudden death) on the map DM-1on1-Lea_ESWC2k5
  • If the bot disconnects from the game due to the exception of its logic or otherwise it fails to communicate with the UT2004 dedicated server, it automatically loses the round and its opponent gets "10 frags".
  • In case of failure at the side of the UT2004 dedicated server or due to hardware failure, the round will be restarted.
  • Bot can be disqualified due to a long period of inactivity or due to hiding before the opponent (i.e., do not try to create bot that will hide at some inaccessible place when it starts winning). If the bot is disqualified this way, its opponent wins the round as if reached 10 frags.
  • The final place within the group is determined by (in this order):
    • number of won duels (the higher number the better),
    • already played head-to-head duel,
    • number of won rounds
    • total number of frags
    • total number of deaths (the lower number the better)
    • coin flip

PART V - Prizes

  • Tournament winners will receive prizes as decided by organizers in advance.
  • The decision, whether a contestant receive the prize is fully up to the organizers.
  • The prize can be received either by individual or a team who is personally present at the final event. In case no author of the bot is present, the prizes moves to next places down.

PART VI - Complaints

  • Anyone can rise a complaint during the tournament. Complaints should be submit to organizers without unnecessary delay.
  • Complaint clearance is fully in hands of organizers and their decision is final and absolute.
  • Complaints submitted after the tournament will be disregarded.
  • Organizers can change any rules during the tournament even without notifying contestants in order to maintain fair play and fair tournament. This rule will not be abused.