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Year 2015

The fourth Pogamut Cup went ahead as a part of Festival Fantazie, Chotěboř at 4.7.2015. We thank all who participated on the event as well as all our supporters! Check full Results and some pictures within Gallery.

Five teams participated on the event with total of seven bots. The quality of bots were remarkably high this year. No bot experienced a long stuck, nor was playing a weirdo. All bots were trying to time their pickups but some were more successful then others. HolBot (by Aleš Žurek) managed to win this year again (full Results here). Aleš pulled out a technique of forward-dodges that were used to speed up bot navigation through the map therefore the bot was able to pick important items (double damages, armors) faster then its opponents, which is a key to the victory.

We were very pleased that all participants pick up the NavMeshNavigator and used NavMesh for the navigation. However, it lead to problems for some bots as they were missing precious items along their paths as the  sometime lead right next to health vials, which were thus missed.

Sadly, we have not witness a proper use of LevelGeometryModule for more precise rocket launching, which hurt GladiatorBot (2nd place, by David Holaň) a lot as it was firing rockets straight ahead very often instead of targeting the ground its opponent was standing on.

We have a seen a comeback of Holubinka (3rd place, by Pavel Grunt), that managed to steal the 3rd place from Bota (4th place, by Martin Příborský) with its wild jump-dodge-dodge-flak even though Bota improved a lot (and I feel this bot can be a wild card next year if Martin continues his work on it).

Matches were again commented by members of Infantry clan (notably An7yk). Again they fought with best bots head to head in exhibition duels (1v1) as well as team deathmatches (2v2 and 3v3). HolBot at skill level 7 went unbeaten again and HolBot at skill level 6 was able to win 2:1 against Infantry during 1v1 duels on PogamutCup 2015 maps. However, Infantry were able to win almost all 2v2 and 3v3 exhibition fights (against bots with skill levels 6-6, 6-7, 6-6-6, 6-6-7)! The only team deathmatch won by bots was the last one. At first, it seem that Io111+Eloris are winning againts HolBot+GladiatorBot (skill levels 7-7) as they have taken a firm lead by 11:3 but bots were able to steal it around 18:19 and did not give it back. So it remains as a challenge to the Infantry clan for the next year (+ the fact that bots are getting better!).

Newly, we've moved some exhibition fights outside Sokolovna at night. Having human-vs-machines fights under the night sky was quite fun! And we have attracted attention of many people!

Once more, we would like to thank to everybody who participated on the event!

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