Sad news, Pogamut Cup 2016 won't happen, we did not manage to gain extra organizers and run out of time (mostly due to the leg fracture of the main organizer). We're looking forward to 2017! For which we're preparing a new format of the tournament!


Pogamut Cup 2016 organization started. Dates for 2016 updated, team registration form created.


We got mentioned in an article about Festival Fantazi by!


PogamutCup 2015 is over, we were glad to see you all again! You can read full report about the event. And sorry guys we forgot to give you your diplomas! We will sent them to you by mail!


We've got prize awards ready! See Prize section for pictures! (Sorry guys, we've managed to pull of only single 3D character (Malcolm) for the 1st place.)


We've got a fresh new logo (by Richard Alexander, Micado)! We have also updated our twitter account. Like it?


Regitration & Bot code submission deadline extended - 1.7.2015! Code your bot, take your chance!


Official date of PogamutCup 2015 is Saturday, 5th July 2015! (4.7.2015) We're going to start between 10-11AM and tournament all day till about 18-20. After-tournament party guaranteed!


Pogamut Cup 2015 All-in-one package added into the Download section! The race is on! Maps for this year has been decided as follow: 1. DM-1on1-Lea_ESWC2k5, 2. DM-1on1-Backspace, 3. DM-1on1-Roughinery-FPS

Good luck to everyone!

Please note that more goodies will appear within the Download section over the time. Keep in touch with us via Google Groups, Twitter @PogamutCup or Facebook.


New English layout for Pogamut Cup pages were created. Registration for the Pogamut Cup as well as the Final Event has been opened!


New application for quick execution of PogamutCup 2014 bots have been created. It is currently in-testing but appear at this website soon!


PogamutCup 2014 results can be found here (in Czech).