Pogamut Cup is organized by PhD. candidates from the AMIS group. These people are also involved in project.

If you have any question or troubles you should immediately contact people below (in this order preferably):
  • Jakub Gemrot
    • Mail:
    • Skype: jakub.gemrot
    • Mobile: +420 724 508 170
  • Martin Černý
    • Mail:
Alternatively, you can join our Pogamut Google Group. Even though it was not used much in past years, we will always reply to any questions that is sent there.

At this point we would also like to thank to all our supporters and other people behind Pogamut project, especially:
  • Michal Bída
  • Rudolf Kadlec
  • Ondřej Burkert
  • Jan Havlíček
  • Cyril Brom