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Tips & Tricks

  • Even though it is DeathMatch and it is about collecting frags, UT2004 duelling is more about "collecting items faster/better than your opponent"
  • You should always try to collect Armors, Double damages, important Weapons faster than your opponent.
  • You definitely do not want to fight desperately.
  • It is not a bad thing to use SHIELD_GUN if your opponent is far way to prevent you from receiving random damage.
  • It is a good practice to try to time-up collection of items; items gets respawned after a fixed period of time; you should count with that when deciding where you are going to run next (navigation to item respawn location takes time, so you should try to arrive to the location precisely at time of the item respawn).
  • Always check whether there are any double damages or armors nearby - YOU MUST NOT MISS THOSE! If you fail to pick up these items, you will certainly lose.
  • Do not try to develop everything at once! It is better to work on respective parts of the bot separately (test them separately) and then combine them.
  • Always backup your code (the best way is to copy the whole project). Whenever you finish developing some behavior (e.g. basic item collection) - copy the project to a different folder (or at least to a different Java package). Later on, when you will be tweaking your bot, you will be able to run match of different versions of your bots between themselves to confirm that your changes do make difference.