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Pogamut platform

The Pogamut+UT2004 platform is not new; in fact it is being used for more than 6 years now during AI courses at our faculty and by a lot of people around the world. Therefore you should not struggle with stupid bugs when developing the code of your bot.

A great source of information are slides from our lectures:
  1. Pogamut API Intro
  2. Basics of Movement
  3. Basics of Navigation (using navigation graph)
  4. Basics of Navigation (using navigation mesh)
  5. Visibility and Visibility Matrix
  6. Weapon handling
You can consult JavaDoc for the Pogamut platform online; but you should not need to as IDE should automatically download it from our Artifactory.

There are also Pogamut tutorials available (even though they are a bit outdated). But info from Tutorial 6 and Tutorial 7 can setup you on tracks very quickly.

If you have any question regarding Pogamut platform or you wish to consult anything regarding coding the bot, don't hesitate to contact us!