The primary tool for creating UT2004 bots is our Pogamut platform, which allows you to easily code and debug UT2004 bots in Java language. The platform consists of GameBots2004 mod for UT2004 that provides a way how to control an agent inside UT2004 via TCP/IP text-based protocol and the library that provides you with an abstraction of UT2004 environment and your bot. Bots made in Java will be run in Java 1.8. The Java library itself is compiled in Java 1.6 so you can use an older Java if you wish to. The Pogamut platform is using Maven as a build tool and hosts its own Artifactory for that matter.

It is very easy to start coding!

There is going to be a new package for PogamutCup 2017 released. 

For now, you can play around with the package from previous year. Download PogamutCup-2015-Package and follow readme.txt, inside the zip file! Even though be prepared that the format for PogamutCup-2017 will change, it won't be just about deathmatch (even though having a good deathmatch bot will help!).

Then be sure to check Tips&Tricks section and the Pogamut platform section! You also should pay a Download section a visit as there are some handy tools you might need for the development!

Development in Java

Installation steps look typically like this:
  1. Install Unreal Tournament 2004 [Amazon ENG] (you can also use Unreal Anthology [Heureka CZE] [Amazon ENG])
  2. If you wish to use Java, then install Java 1.6 JDK (or higher)
  3. We advise you to use some IDE for the development, therefore you should ensure to have Eclipse (>=3.7.2), NetBeans (>= 7.2, note that newest version requires JDK 8) or latest IntelliJ Idea isntalled at this point.
  4. Then run PogamutUT2004 all-in-one installer (see Download section, included in PogamutCup-2015-Package) by double-clicking the installer (or from console via java -jar
  5. [OPTIONAL] In case you wish to build your bot manually or create batch files for conducting tournaments, be sure to have Maven (>=3.0.2) installed.
If you encounter any problems during this process, don't hesitate to contact us!

The platform is primarily tested on Windows but there is also unofficial manual for Linux.

PogamutCup-2015-Package Template Projects

The package contains (among other things) two Maven-based projects: DMBot and DMMatch.

DMBot contains a template for the bot. It randomly runs around the map and shooting anything that moves. It is filled with a lot of comments and utility methods that you can learn from.

DMMatch contains a code for conducting automatic matches between bots in UT2004. You can use this code to fine-tune your bot by letting various versions of your bot fight between themselves over night. You can even use bots from 2014 and 2013 and let your bot to play against them! Again, the project is fully documented and it should take you only a few minutes to start automatic match.

Pogamut screenshot